On the Road With Saint Francis

On the road with Saint Francis

Angela Maria Seracchioli ISBN: 9788861895249

Traduzione di Leslie Ray


360 km from La Verna, Gubbio, Assisi… Rieti.

From Tuscany to Umbria, to Lazio, 18 days with your rucksack on your back, amid thousand-year-old forests and valleys rich in art and history.

The first walking guide on the “roads of St. Francis”, from the better known locations such as La Verna and Assisi to less famous, yet equally fascinating ones, such as Montecasale or the Sacro Speco di Narni.

A guide for everyone: useful for those going on foot but also for those setting out on horseback or with donkeys, on mountain bikes or road bikes.

With detailed descriptions of the stages on foot and on horseback, the cartography, the altitudes, how to prepare for your trip, the places not to be missed, where to sleep or where your animals can stop and rest.

And for each day the main events in Francis’ life, taken from the original sources.

A route to be followed all in one go or in stages, creating your own personalised itinerary.

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